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Deaf And Dumb Indian Palmistry

If headline is separated from lifeline at Mount of Rahu then it indicates person will have problem in speaking or hearing (may be deaf and dumb).

If headline is separated from lifeline at Mount of Rahu (underneath Mount of Saturn) or an island on head line underneath Mount of Saturn then the person may be deaf or dumb or having some issues related to this.

If break or an island on headline at Mount of Rahu and also an island at start of headline indicates above issues.

If headline is attached with lifeline and a clear island is there on start of headline and also on the end of headline then it indicates the person having the same issues as above.

If two to three big islands are there on headline attached together or separately one by one then it also indicates person having same issues.

These are only indications and it does not mean that having these signs only mean that person will be deaf and dumb.

Interpretation of condition can vary according to position of other lines on his hand.

You have to take the whole hand into consideration to come to final conclusion.

-Nitin Kumar
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