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Palmistry - When The Lines On The Hand Change?

Do the lines on the hand change?

Yes, the lines on the hand do change. But the change takes place in the offshoots or in the rising and falling lines from the main lines. The formation and the course of the main lines do not change. Therefore the mainlines indicate the path of life, whereas the small lines, either appearing or vanishing, indicate the events that have to take place shortly. The lines have a psychological significance and the mind produces, controls or alters the lines on the palm. 

The main lines indicate what the natural course of life is, new lines just beginning to form show emotions and ideas just developing within the person. The hand reveals the man as he is, not as he may pretend to be. Napoleon has said, "Perhaps the face can deceive but never the hand."

Indian Palmistry theory about change in palm lines - Main lines not change but influence lines or secondary lines change in every seven years. Mostly change is visible on fate line, sun line and influence line from inside of life line.

Nitin Kumar Palmist

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