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Good Or Bad Signs On Mount Of Ketu On Hand Palmistry



Rekha Mein Ketu Parvat Ka Labh Aur Hani


Mount of Ketu is present between Mount of Moon and Mount of Venus (in the middle of bracelet lines).

1) Mount of Ketu represent period of age of subject from 6 to 11.

2) If Mount of Ketu is down then subject is suffering from stomach disease, skin disease, etc.

3) If there is a fish sign on Mount of Ketu (face of fish towards fingers) then subject will get moksha.

4) If fate line is not clear on Mount of Ketu then it indicates family troubles (financial).

5) Loss of mother if big island on Mount of Ketu.

6) Straight fate line from Mount of Ketu ends on Mount of Saturn then it indicates successful career, name and fame. 

7) Cross on Mount of Ketu denotes inheritance property

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