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These New Emojis Will Take Your Sexting To The Next Level

There's something extremely satisfying about finding the perfect emoji to put in your text message—but the options for sexting situations are pretty much limited to a winky face and a throbbing heart—until now that is. Recently, a new site called Flirtmoji launched to unleash NSFW emojis on the world—and NSFW they definitely are. There are more than 60 options, ranging from an erect you-know-what to tassle-adorned breasts to fuzzy handcuffs. You can download 15 for free at the site (more emojis are available for $0.99 to $4.45). Here's a preview of what's available (and these are the tamer ones!)

These boots were most definitely not made for walking


For those times when you want to do it like rabbits...


Sometimes, rougher is just better.


Sexy turkey? Sure, why not.

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