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Personality Test: What Does The Finger Reveal Where You Wear Rings?

Not only the finger on which you use the rings reveals how you really are, but also in the hand in which you use them. 

Accessories make our outfits even better, and make them unique. You can have the same clothes as another woman, but thanks to the accessories you use, you give your personal touch. Rings are always fashionable, but now they are used a lot!At first it used to be used only on the ring finger, but new trends have made rings for all fingers. 

You probably did not know that the place where you wear your rings say a lot about your personality. 

Have you paid attention to what fingers you usually use your rings? Here we reveal what it means.

1.- Little finger

Putting rings on your little finger is a sign that you are a sensitive person, a good communicator, you always get what you want and have leadership skills.

2.- Ring finger

If you usually wear the rings on the ring finger, you are a perfectionist, able to bring out the best in others and enhance their creativity. This if you carry it in the right hand, if on the contrary you take it on the left, it means that you are a very creative person with high self-esteem.

3.- Middle finger

If we usually put the rings on the middle finger of our weakest hand, we usually ask other people for indications about what is good and what is not.

4.- Index finger

Wearing the rings on the index finger expresses our capacity for leadership and desire for power, it also indicates our self-esteem. If used in our strong hand indicates our security in leadership towards others. If, on the contrary, we use it in the weaker hand, it expresses ease to be guided and directed.

5.- Thumb

If you usually wear rings on the thumb of your most skillful hand, it means that you are an authoritative person and do not have problems to impose on others. If, on the other hand, you carry it in the least skilled hand, it means that we let other people give us orders and position themselves above us. 

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