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Test: What Mythical Creature Caught Your Attention

The type of mythical creature that attracts your subconscious can tell a lot about your strong personality traits.
1. Dragon
Many cultures actually honor dragons for the wisdom they offered the needy and their kindness to the helpless.
If the first creature you notice is a dragon, then you are the person who radiates peace. Your secret is your greatest delight, and people are often intrigued by you.

You prefer to show your attitude by actions rather than words. You are a passionate, purposeful person. Instead of doing something for the sake of money and fame, you simply do everything possible to satisfy a job well done.
People admire you, but you do not allow flattery to enter your head. Instead, you prefer to stay away from the praise you deserve and spend time alone or with people you love.

2. Unicorn
If you first saw a unicorn, then you are one of those people who value honesty above all else. Truth plays an important role in your life, and you quickly get rid of manipulative people who want to use you or make you their players.
You may seem calm and serene, you can behave with dignity and pride, but at the moment when someone challenges you or hurts those you love, you bring down your anger on them. No one can resist your anger.

Sirens seem beautiful and unearthly creatures, but they are famous for taking sailors to their destination and pulling them into the depths of the sea to their watery tombs.

If you first saw a siren, then you are an incredibly sensitive person who is able to communicate with people and be near them no matter what they go through.
You are also very wise, and you know exactly what to say to the people who turn to you for help. You have a maturity that contrasts with your years because you have gone through pain and become stronger than before.
You have a generous spirit and are ready to give your time and energy to others, even if you have little to offer. You also have an incredibly creative imagination, and people who know you are amazed at how you look at the world and the ideas that come to mind.

4. Phoenix
Phoenixes are one of the rarest mythical creatures. It is believed that they are the embodiment of restorative power, because they rise from the ashes.
If the first creature you saw was Phoenix, then you are an incredibly optimistic person, always waiting for new opportunities.

You manage to maintain motivation no matter what you go through, and even when all the odds are against you, you continue to move forward. Never give up, because you know that every problem has an end, and that life will always bring new opportunities for happiness!5. Elf Girl
Elves are small, almost infantile magical creatures that are believed to inhabit some of the most ancient places. They are known to be capricious and playful and often harm the human world.
If you first saw the elf, then you are known to be an energetic person, bringing something interesting everywhere, wherever he appears.

You have a natural talent to absorb new skills and learn no matter where you are. In fact, the desire to experience something new and gain more knowledge leads you to meet new people and get exciting experiences, because you rarely say no to novelty and adventure!
Your open nature makes you a tolerant, understanding person.6. Centaur
If you first saw the centaur, you are a born leader who takes responsibility and leadership roles.
You are not afraid to take the initiative in situations where people get lost and seek leadership, and you know how to unite people around a business and motivate them to work together to achieve new goals. You are always a team player and you are not afraid to be responsible for the team. People respect you and admire you.

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