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Test: Discover What Is Your Greatest Virtue In Love

In love, each one brings his best virtue to make things work. Which is yours? Find out with this heart test!

In couples, the idea of ​​love is not always exactly the same for the simple reason that no one feels the same. Love has as many meanings as people in the world. What for one person may be the most loving act in the world, for another it may be something that completely unlocks it.Be that as it may, the interesting thing is that this diversity always allows us to find something new. The important thing is not to be a soulmate, as we were taught as children, but to learn to complement each other, to function in tandem as a team. That is why being different is key: everyone brings their best virtue in love to make things work. Which is yours? Find out with this heart test!


If the first thing that caught your eye was the hand, your greatest virtue in love is to be a companion. You naturally come out to be there for your partner, accompany her, contain her, be her supporter.

The person who is with you will always know that he can feel safe, because you will give him confidence and function as his oasis in the midst of any storm. With you you can feel comfortable and full.


If you chose the eye, your greatest virtue in love is your capacity for empathy. You can put yourself in your partner’s place, even if you don’t think like her. You are sensitive and can listen with your heart. Your words are wise and warm, so you arouse confidence and tenderness. Although sometimes you may think that this sensitivity is a weakness, you must learn to see it as the virtue of being genuine at heart.


If what caught your attention were the flowers around you, your greatest virtue in love is your energy. You have initiative, routine is not a problem for you and you always have that push that some people need to feel better.

You fall in love with your good mood and your joy, capable of transforming the problems that arise into something much more bearable.

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