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Test: Tell Me How You Hold The Cup And I Will Tell You What Kind Of Person You Are

Your way of holding the cup reveals more of you than you can imagine. How do you hold the cup?

There are many everyday details that can say a lot about your personality. For example, the way you take the cup every day.

Every little detail of your way of being is a small sample of the person you are in every way. That is why some everyday acts can accurately reveal the kind of person you are .

For example, the way you take the cup every day when you have tea or coffee .Your way of holding this element says more about you than you can imagine. You do not believe me? Check it out for yourself!

1. You hold the cup by raising the pinky

If you hold the cup like this you are a very confident person, who always knows what he wants and has a leader’s soul. No one ever tells you what you have to do, and you don’t let yourself be easily intimidated.

You are someone really determined! Sometimes, that can make you touch arrogance. However, most of the time you are a nice, funny and friendly person who gets along with everyone.

2. You hold the cup with both hands

If you hold the cup with both hands, it is because you are a very open person, who loves to be in the company of other people and work as a team. You understand that working in a group always achieves the best results.

Of course, sometimes you can be a little insecure when you have to make decisions completely alone. You feel more confident with the support of others.

3. Hold the cup by the handle, but also hold it with the other hand

You are an extremely sensitive person. Everything that happens around you affects you, you are one of those people who feel everything that happens to others. That makes you, in turn, someone who everyone trusts, and the ideal person to resort to moments of solitude.

But it also makes you very vulnerable, since you absorb the energy of others and sometimes it is hard for you to recover. You need to start moving people who don’t do you good out of your life.

4. Hold the cup by the base

You are a very cautious and thoughtful person. You always think about things several times before saying them and, if you are not convinced by what you are going to say, you prefer to remain silent. In addition, you are someone super intelligent, who loves to study and always be improving their skills.Sometimes it costs you a little to encourage you to take the initiative at times that warrant it, but you need to be very sure before acting. That may be your greatest virtue and also your worst defect.

5. Hold the cup with your fingers at the top

You are a carefree person who loves to spend time idle. You are not just the kind of person who is always stressed. On the contrary, you know how to live in the moment and enjoy every little detail that life gives you.

You are someone nice, funny and relaxed and that is why everyone usually likes you, and it costs you nothing to make friends. Sometimes, others may believe that you are a bit irresponsible; but in reality, you simply do what you have to do.

You never leave anything halfway, but neither are you interested in being number 1. You simply act as expected of you and now.

6. You hold the handle with your hand clenched in a fist

You are a fairly calm and even a little cold person. You take your time to make decisions and in general you don’t lose your composure for any reason. There are those who think that you are a little insensitive, but in reality, what costs you most is to externalize your feelings.

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