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6 Signs Your Wife Cares More About Her Instagram Account Than You (VIDEO)

For those of us who love Instagram, there is a story behind every photo. And the one story most of them have in common is this: the suffering of the person who took them.

The hilarious “Instagram husband” video from the folks at Mystery Hour is one of the most hilarious things on the Internet right now. See below:

An Instagram husband is the man behind the account. The long suffering dude who is photographing your cheese fries and catching the last rays of the sun on your beautiful hair. He’s the man in front of the woman and the brick wall. He’s the man filling up his phone with photos of you….

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I know my husband can certainly relate to this in many ways. I make the poor man take dozens of photos of me in yoga poses every day from every angle. He is so sick of yoga, he’s about to cry most mornings. Poor dude. But still, I persist! Because Instagram is fun!

Is your man an Instagram hubby? Here are some signs:

1.) She’s checking her “likes” during dinner and ignoring you on your date night.

2.) She blames you for only getting 42 likes on her last post. “You missed the golden hour!” she shouts.

3.) Your food is getting cold while she makes you photograph it and smile.

4.) You ask her if she’s happy in your marriage and she has to scroll through her feed before answering. “JenM1234 thinks we are! So yes. I am so happy!”

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5.) She won’t go anywhere that lacks wireless and can’t understand why you’d want to. “Iceland is great and all, but what’s the point of all those waterfalls if I can’t do yoga next to them and post it right away?!”

6.) Your phone is full from all the photos you take of her every morning and you wake up early to be the first one to like every post.

There is help for you, too. Instagram will pass soon enough. Keep snapping those photos and be happy. It’s a lot better than Facebook!

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