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Love Horoscopes: Dec. 28 – Jan. 3

Love and sex aren’t always on the same page as you will discover when Mars is in Scorpio from Jan. 3 to March 3 and then again from May 27 to Aug. 2. Scorpio rules over our deepest, darkest passions. We often think of these quaintly as naughty proclivities and fetishistic role playing. However, Mars in Scorpio will always stir up desires that are the most taboo and dangerous and nowadays that taboo might be: intimacy. Indeed in a world of date apps and disposable hookups, the idea of truly connecting to someone who really gets you — and then risking it all to be with this person could be the most forbidden fantasy of all. Nevertheless this is what you will be experiencing in 2016 and what you make of it is all up to you.

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