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15 Lucky & Unlucky Signs On Mount Of Jupiter Palmistry

1) Vertical line on Mount of Jupiter from head/life line – Egoistic, leadership qualities, ambitious, fulfill of wishes, abroad travel, lungs, successful life and respiratory related issues.

2) Two parallel vertical lines on Mount of Jupiter denote chances of sudden gain of wealth or success in abroad or success in abroad related job.

3) Double Jupiter ring denotes interest in occult science and spiritualism and depression and tension (neurological disorder). Tensions are related to family. Subject is not able to achieve desire success in life due to family responsibilities. But also there are chances of success in gold or yellow related things.  Single Jupiter Ring/Ring Of Solomon denotes good grasping power, good intuition power, inclination towards spirituality, inclination towards astrology and occult science and problem in Married life or late marriage.

4) Star On Mount of Jupiter denotes rich after marriage or get money from share market or speculative business (but if other signs on hand are not good then this type of risk is not advisable). Ambitious. Brain Disease/disorder. Sudden gain of wealth by lottery, inheritance property, land etc. Marriage in rich family or become rich after marriage. Star on Mount of Jupiter denotes sudden gain of wealth but most probably in old age. Also denotes paralysis, leg and hand weakness, etc mostly due to head injury/accident.

5) Square on mount of Jupiter denotes good success in banking, CA, teaching, and writing related field.

6) Mole or freckle on Mount of Jupiter denotes bad relationship with father, loose character, extramarital affair, loss of reputation, danger from fire and electricity and lungs and throat related issues.

7) Cross on Mount of Jupiter denotes happy marriage or benefit from in-laws (cross should be independent).

8) Triangle on Mount of Jupiter denotes successful career, diplomatic, teacher, good luck in career.

9) Horizontal line on Jupiter Mount denotes less energetic, lack of direction in career.

10) Island on Mount of Jupiter denotes lack of confidence, ego and unsuccessful career due to interference/cheating of family and friends.

11) Fish sign on Mount of Jupiter - There is no fish sign on Mount of Jupiter as per Indian Palmistry.

12) Circle on Mount of Jupiter denotes success by own efforts and memories of past life.

13) Grill or net sign on Mount of Jupiter denotes superstitious, schemer, self-centered, and ego.

14) Flag sign on Mount of Jupiter denotes famous writer, poet and famous businessman.

15) Trident on Mount of Jupiter denotes subject is overemotional and family person.

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