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Psychological Test: Are You Ready To Have A Relationship? Choose A Flower And Discover The Answer

Many times we dream of being a couple, but is this the moment? This psychological test will tell you the answer you need.

Many times, especially after some time of singleness, we want to start a relationship. Be with someone who accompanies us, with whom we have that special connection.

But we are not always ready for it, beyond our desire. It is not the same to want something to be prepared for that.

This psychological test will help you discover what your case is. Choose a flower, the one you most identify with in love. Your answer will tell you if it is time to start a relationship.

1. Almost ready

If you have chosen the first rose, it is because you are quite ready to find love. You have overcome many obstacles, and you are quite clear about what you like and what you do not like in a relationship.

The only thing you need to be fully prepared for a formal relationship is to spend more time alone. Maybe you still feel that you need to be with someone. Although in reality, the healthiest relationships are not built based on need, but based on desire.

If you learn to be good with you, but really and not only from the mouth to the outside, you will be at the ideal moment to find the love of your life.

2. You can already have a relationship

If you have chosen flower number 2, congratulations! You are a person who is prepared to face the idea of ​​a serious relationship. You have learned to heal wounds, and you have finally understood that before thinking about being with another person, you have to be well inside yourself.

That’s why you took the time to look inward and heal, and now you know that knowing someone means choosing a company, but never depending.

Of course, love may be around the corner or a little further away. But the good news is that you are aware of what is happening around you and you will recognize the signs.

3. You are not ready yet

If you have chosen the 3rd flower, it is because you still need to heal a lot inside you. Perhaps you have gone through toxic relationships before, or you have ended badly, and you still have not really opened up to the world.

If you want a relationship, it’s because you feel lonely, but you know? The answer is not in a couple, but in your interior, and in people who really love you, like your family, your friends …

Refuge yourself in the healthy bonds that you have and remember that you are a person who has a lot to give. You will be ready for a relationship when you understand that you are worth as an individual, no matter who you have next.

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