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Discover Your Personality With This Test: What Key Would You Choose To Open An Old Trunk?

A new personality test is going around the world at lightning speed. It is an image in which six different types of keys appear, of which the Internet user can only choose one.

It does not matter if the user is based on aesthetic, functional or any other criteria to make their selection: the subconscious will work to choose the one that best suits their way of being. At least, this is what those who have relied on this test affirm – without any valid scientific argument – and have been encouraged to share it through social networks. Take a look at the image that heads this text and choose your favorite key. What would you use to open an old trunk?

So is your personality depending on the key you choose

1.- Simple strokes without frills.

The choice of this key points to a rational, determined and analytical personality. It is the most common key, but also the one that has shown its effectiveness most times when opening doors. However, behind that appearance of security may hide certain doses of fragility: you chose the silhouette that had less chance of failing.

2.- Strong and imposing.

This key could appear in any medieval themed game or science fiction movie where you need to open the lock of a magic castle. Perhaps that is why he chose it, since his personality is prone to obtain everything that is proposed. People who opt for this key are charismatic, strong-willed, innovative and with great power of conviction. Independence and the desire not to be tied to anything are their maxims.

3.- Clear ideas and security.

The fact that the teeth of this key are not as we are used to seeing could indicate that the people who have chosen it have great confidence in themselves: otherwise, they would never have opted for an object that could not satisfy their need to ‘open the door’. They like to accept challenges, competitiveness, feel they have control and the challenges that lie ahead.

4.- Optimistic and cheerful.

You may not have noticed, but you chose the key that contained a four-leaf clover in your design. The people who opt for this object usually respond to happy, fun, optimistic personalities with a predisposition to find the good side of things. As a counterpart, they are usually so impulsive and distracted that they get into trouble without realizing it.

5.- Dreamy and creative.

Have you noticed the great resemblance between this key and the key that opened the doors to Alice in ‘the wonderland’ of Disney? The choice of this striking and decorated key corresponds to original, imaginative personalities, very connected with their sentimental world and predisposed to include their personal stamp in all projects. So many doses of uniqueness can cause them to sometimes feel misunderstood or excluded from the group.

6.- Methodical and logical.

The straight lines and no frills of this key contrast with the decorations of the previous key, so it is possible to think that the people who have chosen it are opposed to those who chose the number 5. Its most characteristic feature is to be rational, with great capacity for concentration and no desire to leave your comfort zone. They are very loyal personalities that demand the same degree of commitment in others.

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