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Woman'S 'Trippy' Optical Illusion Video Leaves People Completely Bemused

If you've been on social media lately, it's likely at one point or another you will have seen a TikTok video.

The app allows users to share short video clips and has been responsible for starting a number of bizarre trends, including the purple shampoo challenge and the terrifying bright eye challenge.

But the latest craze is known as the magic hands trick and when done right, it makes for some incredibly "trippy" viewing.

Tori Pareno from California has recently managed to successfully attempt the trick and shared the results with her followers on social media.

The footage of the 19-year-old makes it look as if her hands are passing through each other.

She captioned it: "Here's something trippy for your night lol."

The entertaining optical illusion sees users bending and straightening their hands close together at a fast speed, to create the impression that one is disappearing into the other and coming out the other side.

So far more than 535,000 people have liked Pareno's tweet with over 176,000 people retweeting it.

Many also took the time to comment on the post, sharing their thoughts on the trick.

Some were baffled by the whole thing, branding it "witchcraft".

One person wrote: "What is happening here?"

Another said: "Wow what the f***."

A third added: "What in the witchcraft sorcery tarnation is going on here?

However others thought it was "cool" and wanted to try it themselves.

"I wanna do this too, that looks so cool omg," commented a different user.

A few people also attempted it but while wearing gloves with LEDs on them, which looked even more trippy.

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