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Kim Kardashian Gets Brutally Dissed By Beyonce Fans — See The Cruel Shade

Now this is just mean! Beyonce fans dissed Kim Kardashian big time on Instagram. They worship Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade,’ but compare Kim K to tap water. Yikes! See the cruel diss now!

Maybe it’s time for the Beyhive to take a rest. They’ve found a new celeb to diss, and her name is Kim Kardashian, 35. One Bey fan took to Instagram to basically say that Kim is nothing compared to Beyonce, 35! What did Kim ever do to Beyonce?!

Let’s explain the shade. Instagram user bowserceo posted a photo of Beyonce from Lemonade with her album title across the photo. Below the Bey pic is a photo of Kim with “tap water” across the picture. If you search the hashtag #TapWater, the meme is quickly going around the internet. Now that is some serious shade.

This isn’t the first time Kim K has been the target of the Beyhive. Beyonce’s fans attacked Kim after they believed she was trying to upstage Beyonce with racy pics during Lemonade’s premiere on April 23. learned EXCLUSIVELY that Kim was not trying to steal Beyonce’s thunder whatsoever. “She was being goofy and enjoying the moment — she wasn’t thinking about anything else and honestly didn’t even realize Beyoncé dropped the album at the same time,” a source told us.

Kim may not be at the top of the Beyhive’s list of favorite people, considering she used to be best friends with Rachel Roy! She’s the girl Beyonce’s fans have accused of allegedly cheating with Bey’s husband Jay Z! Kim and Rachel haven’t been seen out for a while, and Kanye West has warned Kim to stay out of the drama. He doesn’t even want her to be friends with Rachel!

“Kanye made Kim cut all her ties with Rachel…he doesn’t want Kim to be publicly associated with her. Ever since the elevator fight following the Met Ball, Kanye thought it would be best for Kim, so she has slowly backed away,” our insider revealed.

HollywoodLifers, do you think the Beyhive is going too far? Let us know!

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