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Period!’s Top 5 Best Read Posts

What were the five best read posts on Period! magazine in 2019? Read on and find out!

1. Painful sanitary pads?

Ouch! It seems lots of our readers suffer from chafing and/or pad rash. Want to know why this happens and how to solve it? Read on!

Seeing as painful sanitary pads apparently are a big issue, here are three extra tips (and posts):

  • Change it often enough. (That’s probably more often than you think).
  • Don’t use any vaginal douches, feminine washes, intimate wet wipes and scented tissues. (A healthy vagina is self-cleaning).
  • Consider an alternative sanitary product. (Perhaps even one that’s more environmentally friendly).

2. Do animals also menstruate?

Does Bella seem a bit moody every month? Could it be that animals also menstruate? Want to know the answer to this question? Click here.

And, while we’re talking about animal posts: no worries, swimming while menstruating doesn’t automatically make you shark bait. Wondering if monkeys get a menopause as well? Read this. And fancy a laugh? Check out these three sanitary product commercials featuring animals.

3. Help! My tampon hurts!

Ouch again! If it’s inserted correctly, you shouldn’t feel a tampon. Not even when you jump around like crazy. So if it hurts, there’s something wrong. What could be the matter? Check it here.

In need of more tampon troubleshooting? No, it can’t get lost inside you. No, you can’t be deflowered by a tampon. And no, you don’t need to remove your tampon before you pee. (You don’t pee from your vagina girl. Next time, pay a bit more attention in biology class!)

4. Tampon history

It all started with soft bits of papyrus in 1550 B.C. Want to know how the rest of the tampon (hi)story goes? Read the post. (It’ll also tell you about hilarious magazine ads from 1973 that claimed you can swim, shoot and hike in a white bikini if you use a tampon).

Another memorable moment in tampon history: when astronaut Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, was asked by NASA engineers whether 100 tampons would be the appropriate amount for her weeklong journey on the space shuttle Challenger… Her answer? ‘That would not be the right number.’

5. Do menstrual products have an expiry date?

Great question. Because who hasn’t at some point found a forgotten tampon? One that was hiding somewhere in that bag that you bought, uh, quite some years ago. Can you still use that tampon?

And what if there’s no expiry date on the packaging? Does that mean your pads keep forever? What’s when a tampon wrapper is slightly damaged? OK to use or better throw away? And where is actually the best place to store sanitary products? You’ll find all the answers here.

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