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Test: What Do You Spend The Most Time On?

It’s no secret that your pastime can tell a lot about your life in general!

How does this affect character?

Today we offer you to take a fascinating test, which will allow us to make a short portrait of your personality.

Ready? Take a good look at the images and answer the question.

If you have chosen No. 1

You are a cheerful and friendly person. You are easy-going, cheerful and sometimes even slightly windy. Most of all you value communication and your loved ones.

You cannot spend a single day without communication, therefore telephone conversations are an integral part of your life. You are very kind, but sometimes it’s hard for you to keep other people’s secrets. Perhaps this is the only thing you can take offense at.

If you have chosen No. 2

You are very feminine and confident. Personal care occupies an important place in your life, so you will never skimp on cosmetics and body treatments.

Sometimes you sin by excessive squandering, but if you make money for it yourself, then you can afford everything! You are an attractive and self-sufficient woman. Men are crazy about you.

If you have chosen No. 3

You are a very economic person. You like to create warmth and coziness in the house, take care of your family and friends, arrange an unforgettable vacation for them.

Your home is always clean and comfortable. It’s nice to spend time with you because you are a kind and helpful person who can teach a lot. You are wise!

If you have chosen No. 4

You are that heartbreaker! You are a sexy, passionate and cunning woman. You have many fans who eagerly invite you on dates and present you with gifts.

You like attention, because it literally fills you with energy and inspiration. You are a creative person who simply cannot live without love!

If you have chosen No. 5

You are a family man. You love children, so willingly nurse even strangers. You would be comfortable working in kindergarten or in the lower grades of the school.

You are a kind, calm and patient person who knows how to transfer his knowledge to others. People are drawn to you!

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