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🔹Sometimes You May Not Have Time To Get In Your Normal Workout At The Gym. The Good News? You

🔹Sometimes you may not have time to get in your normal workout at the gym. The good news? You don’t have to.

🔹Short, effective workouts may be just what you need during this crazy time of year. Grab a pair of DBs, and let’s hit it!

4 Rounds:

✅Goblet Squat x 10
✅Push ups x 8 - can elevate your hands
✅Single leg RDL x 8/leg
✅Single Arm DB Row x 10/arm
✅Plank w/Reach x 10/arm
✅Bicep Curls x 10
✅Hand Walkouts x 8

🔹The idea here is go through this circuit quickly, but keep your technique on point. Technique over speed 100% of the time.

🔹Short workouts like this are going to get your heart rate up, build lean muscle, and burn fat. You can do them at home, on the road, or at your gym. It doesn’t matter.

🔹What really matters is this: You may not have time to do your normal routine, and that’s OK. But you can find a few minutes to get in a quick metabolic circuit. And you wanna know something?

🔹You are still progressing. Just because it’s not your usual workout doesn’t mean you can’t move forward. You ARE moving forward. AND, you are going to feel amazing.

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