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40 Indications On Marriage Line Palmistry



Rekha Mein Vivah Rekha Par Paay Jane Wale 40 Yog


Indications And Signs On Marriage Line

1) Long, straight and clear marriage line - Happy Married Life

2) Marriage line joins heart line - Marriage in early childhood "Baal Vivah"

3) Marriage line starts from root of little finger as arch - Late marriage or marriage in old age due to pressure or compulsion

4) Fork at the beginning of marriage line - First phase of marriage is not good

5) Island on marriage line - Secret behind marriage

6) Marriage line ends on sun line - Prosperity, fame due to marriage

7) Marriage line crossed sun line - Defamation due to bad marriage

8) Marriage line ends on Saturn Mount - Murder of partner, suicide, jail

9) Marriage line ends on heart line - Loss of partner or divorce

10) Cross on marriage line - Divorce or loss of partner.

11) Marriage line ends on Mount of Venus - Divorce or loss of partner.

12) Marriage line curved upward towards little finger - Unmarried

13) Marriage line ends on Plain of Mars - Unhappy Married life

14) Marriage line bends like hook - Separation

15) Trident on marriage line - Too much love and care 

16) Marriage line ends on Mount Of Negative Mars with cross - Poor health of partner

17) Dropping lines from marriage line towards heart line- Poor health of partner

18) Branch of fork ends on Mount of Rahu - Divorce

19) One line from fork ends on heart line - Unhappy married life

20) Fork on both sides - Separation due to travel

21) Island on sun line and marriage line is forked - Partner is characterless

22) Fork line ends on head line - Divorce due to difference of opinion

23) 2-3 island on marriage line - Unhappy married life

24) Influence line from Mount of Venus cuts marriage line - Divorce due to interference of relatives

25) Close horizontal line to marriage line - Parallel love (love outside marriage)

26) Vertical line from little finger cuts marriage line - Problem in married life

27) Influence line join fate line - Money gain due to marry rich person

28) Two marriage lines and line from fate line joins heart line - Second marriage , two marriages

29) Overlap on marriage line - Reunion after separation

30) Upward lines on marriage line - Extramarital affair of partner

31) Cross just above marriage line (not touching) - Abortion

32) Circle on marriage line - Loss of husband

33) Star at the end of marriage line - Good married life, progress after marriage

34) Star on the middle of marriage line - Loss of partner

35) Parallel marriage line - Divorce, relationship outside of marriage 

36) Break on marriage line - Separation

37)  Net sign on marriage line - Unmarried or divorcee

38) No marriage line on hand - Check other signs for marriage on hand

39) Many marriage lines on hand - Not able to choose right partner for marriage

40) Multiple marriage lines - Late marriage.

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