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To Either Lose Fat Or Build

To either lose fat or build muscle...

🐣Before you ask, how can I build muscle and lose fat at the same time. Stop trying to do so. Focus on fat loss first, and when you are at a bodyfat% where you’re comfortable to build muscle and gain some fat again, then you can go on and build muscle. That’s the best strategy you can use in that situation.

👉Now, let’s dive into it. As you can see, there’s barely ANY difference between the two, but why? Let me elaborate on it my friend

You see, the only thing that should change when you’re trying to lose fat is the QUANTITIES of the foods you’re eating. Of course, you want to changing some food choices, but largely… You want to be keeping them the same.

As long as you can keep your calories where they’re supposed to be and keep your protein intake high. You’re good. It doesn’t really matter what you’re eating when it comes to body composition.

That doesn’t mean you can eat junk all day. Definitely not. Overall health, cell health and all of that stuff is VERY important too, not even to forget about energy levels during the day. You want to be eating mostly whole foods so you can stay energized all day long, you can ensure you’re a healthy human being.

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