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Test: How Developed Is Your Intuition?

Absolutely irrational, not giving in to an explanation – the sixth sense, intuition, insight, in one word – intuition! Check if you have it!

The inner voice, it is not clear where the confidence came from, a strange premonition that is not based on logic – intuition has many manifestations. It is rather difficult to explain intuitive insights. This is something that defies logic. This is something that sits inside us and quite often helps to make the right decisions, and even save lives. The moments when we, in addition to our own will, perform unusual acts, happen in our life more than once. 
English psychologist V. Coleman offers a few simple questions, answering which, you can rate your intuitive abilities. 
1. Do you quickly guess the answers when trying to solve various riddles and puzzles? 
2. Have you been lucky several times in a row when playing for money? 
3. Do you often feel that your home is cozy and happy?
4. Would you like to know a person closer after seeing him for just one moment? 
5. It happened that you felt who was making a phone call without picking up the phone? 
6. Have you ever heard your inner voice telling you what to do? 
7. Do you believe in fate? 
8. Does it ever happen that you know in advance what the person is going to say? 
9. Have you ever had a bad dream, which turned out to be a dream? 
10. Have you ever known in advance what is contained in a letter without opening it? 
11. Does it ever happen that in a conversation you can finish a sentence for the interlocutor? 
12. Has it happened that you thought about a person with whom you have not spoken for a long time, and then suddenly got a message from him or just met?13. Does it sometimes happen that for inexplicable reasons you do not trust some people? 
14. Are you proud of your ability to determine a person’s character at a glance? 
15. Have you ever experienced the feeling that you have already seen this – “deja vu”? 
16. Did you refuse to fly on the plane for fear that it might break? 
17. Did you wake up at night worrying about the health and safety of a friend or relative? 
18. Does it happen that for some reason you don’t like some people? 
19. Has it ever happened that you saw some kind of accessory or clothing and felt that you absolutely must have it? 
20. Do you believe in love at first sight?
So, now for each positive answer “Yes”, put 1 point. Negative “No” answers rate 0 points. 
Calculate points. 

10-20 points. Your intuition is highly developed. You possess exceptional abilities and are not afraid to trust your unaccountable sensations. 
1-9 points. You have developed intuition, but you do not always fully use your abilities. You are more inclined to thoughtfully reason from the standpoint of common sense and experience. But sometimes the first thought that comes to mind is the most successful! 
0 points. You have not developed your intuition at all. But she is deep in your subconscious. Try to let it appear more often and use it more actively. You will be surprised at how many unexpected productive decisions may occur to you.

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