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This Simple Test Can Reveal Your Psychological State Of The Moment

February 25, 2018. Credit image: Daniil Shubin

This simple test can reveal your psychological state of the moment

Projective tests have been developed to diagnose the psychic functioning of each individual in a dynamic perspective.

Projective techniques consist in presenting a person with the least structured material possible and asking him to structure it in his own way. These tests use several resources of mental functions, such as visual perception, auditory perception, associations of ideas or images, symbolic expression of drawing and color, and help to evaluate both the personality of people and to detect certain traits.

Here is a test that could help you know the state of your current psychological well-being and what you are most worried about.

Look at this drawing for up to 10 seconds and remember what you see first.

Finished ? Let’s see the results now:

1. You saw a cave.

It is very difficult to unbalance yourself. You are a calm person and you always try to see only good in any situation. Thanks to your inner strength and optimism, negative situations do not put you under pressure. People often come to see you for advice or help.

Support your loved ones and share your positive energy with them.

2. You have seen a UFO.

It seems like you’re still about to explode. Because of your low resistance to stress, you often have health problems. Maybe you have insomnia or nightmares.

Do not keep everything to yourself and do not let little things affect you. This could cause migraines, nausea and other complications.

3. You saw the face of an alien.

Seen tend to create a problem from everything and anything. Because of the habit you have to see and focus on hardship where there is none, you live in constant stress.

You must control yourself and stop spending your strength on unfounded worries. When dealing with complicated situations, try to look at them from another angle. To help you in the fight against stress, do not forget to practice breathing exercises or meditation, they can really help you. Inhale deeply through your nose and slowly breathe out through your mouth as you focus on your breathing.

Do you think your result matches your current state? Tell us in the comments below.

What did you think of your result? Is it getting closer to your psychological state of the moment? Remember that the purpose of this text is to entertain and that it has no connection with research or scientifically proven facts.

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