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Test: Discover Which Path You Should Take In Your Life

It is not always easy to know what decision to make, which path to choose, what suits us best, or what will make us happier. The future is a great uncertainty that worries us, some more than others, but it is always there, full of mystery and possibilities. 

If you are in a moment of your life when you don’t know very well which way to go, release some tension with this test that will help you clarify the picture.Look at the following image and choose a path. Without thinking! Try to be as intuitive as possible.

Way # 1

There is a path that you have in front of you, but you are not seeing it. Perhaps you feel a little obfuscated because you perceive that things do not flow as you would like, or that they are locked in some way. 

It is an opportune moment for you to resort to your lateral thinking. You are seeing only part of what it could be. Dare to think outside of what you think others expect from you. What do you think would really make you happy? Imagine it! Visualize how you feel. That is where the path you must follow is. 

You deserve the best for your life!

Way # 2

If you don’t know which way to go, the secret is that you can connect two routes to each other. It may be your job and your passion, or your partner and a project that you want to do for a long time, or other things that, so far, have gone on parallel paths. 

By joining, the energies that seem to you to be little intense to face something new, gain more strength. Try it and ask yourself: what two things in your life can come together to open a more promising path for your well-being?

Way # 3

The path to which this choice takes you is that of your heart. If you do not know where to go, what decision to make or how to face your course, stay away from all the opinions of others. Take distance from your own prejudices and demands, and also those of those around you. Be silent and take the time to listen. The heart has the power to guide you from intuition, it is the purest energy and the one that has certainty, because it brings you closer to the purpose of your soul, to what will really make you happy.

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