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Amber Rose Shares Why She Hasn'T Had Sex This Year

If you've felt like your sex life has been put on the back burner in 2017, you're not alone.

"When the world thinks you have Orgies all day and mad dudes because ur sexually confident and body positive but really you're a full-time mom/ businesswoman and literally have no time for penis #hoeislife tho," Rose captioned the post.

"When IG deletes ur fire ass feminist post but you really don't give a fuck because everyone picked it up already #amberroseslutwalk #bringbackthebush," Rose wrote.

The mother and talk show host is no stranger to controversy and has been criticized for being a bad role model, for hanging up on a caller who alleged she'd been sexually assaulted, for posting photos of Angelina Jolie with ex Billy Bob Thornton following Jolie's divorce from Brad Pitt, and more. But, for all of the salacious headlines, Rose has been a staunch advocate for body positivity and the empowerment of women.

In addition to her yearly SlutWalk in Los Angeles, a movement that celebrates women's bodies and calls to end rape culture, Rose often uses her social media presence to shut down beauty norms and boast her authentic body, stretch marks and all.

So, while we wish Rose a year filled with gratification in many forms, sex included, we're happy to see that she's continuing to do what she thinks is best for herself and her family on her terms.

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