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Divorce Tattoos Are Now A Thing

Pinterest is inspiring more and more women to celebrate their divorces with some permanent ink.

A show of hands: Would you get your husband’s name tattooed on your body?

For most of us, that’s probably a big hell to the N-O. But, would you get some ink to commemorate your split? A growing number of women are opting to celebrate the snip of their marital ball-and-chains with some symbolic ink.

The trend is growing in popularity thanks to photo-heavy inspiration on Pinterest, where women post photos of body art emblazoned with motivational phrases like “this too shall pass” and “never a victim, forever a fighter” alongside birds, balloons and other cliched symbols of freedom.

“There’s a divorce celebration movement happening right now, and as more and more women become empowered by their status change, they are doing things to symbolize the person they have become,” Joelle Caputa, author of the forthcoming book Trash the Dress, tells global social news network Vocativ. “Tattoos are a natural part of the process.”

The divorced Caputa says that divorce tattoos show women — especially young women — that they aren’t alone.

“No one really knows what it’s like to get divorced in your 20s unless you are going through it,” she tells Vocativ. “It has become a worldwide sisterhood.”

We’re all for self-expression and healing, but divorce is a fleeting period of life. You’ll come out stronger on the other side, but think long and hard about permanently adding a lasting reminder of such a trying and emotional time to your body. Maybe just throw an all-out divorce bash instead. It celebrates your freedom without committing you to the inevitable sessions at the tattoo removal place when you’re sick of the ink in a few years.

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