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Kris Humphries' Family Didn'T Want Him To Wed Kim Kardashian

Kris’ family reveals that he was so swept up in romance that he couldn’t see why the relationship would be doomed from the start!

Kris Humphries‘ family is speaking out about his shattered union to Kim Kardashian, and they’re saying they had serious reservations about the relationship all along!

Kris, 26, was warned by his loved ones about Kim, 31, reports.

“We expressed concern to him about his relationship with Kim,” a family member says. “We were quite surprised that it was as serious as it was with them. But he was just taken away by her, and you can’t tell someone in love to open their eyes a little wider. He just saw what he wanted to see.”

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — should Kris have listened to his family before marrying Kim?

— William Earl

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