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Woman Wants To Pay Someone £40k To Dress Her And Travel The World

It must be hectic if you're a high-flying business executive.

You probably want to look sharp and stylish for meetings but you don't have lots of time on your hands to devote to picking your outfits.

A CEO has posted a job advert in a bid to solve this very dilemma - and she's willing to pay someone £40,000 plus some brilliant perks for the privilege.

The ad, posted on Sewport , describes how they business executive is looking for a fashion designer and seamstress to help make her incredible outfits as they travel around the world.

She said: "If I look at my diary for the next 12 months or so I'm set to travel to East Asia, North America, Europe and Australia, to name a few, and I need a designer who is willing to travel to these places with me without hesitation."

Aware that it's a big ask, she highlighted that the perks involve world travel, fine dining plus accommodation.

The CEO said that she's hugely passionate about fashion and has the privilege of being able to afford a "bespoke wardrobe".

She added that she has a unique sense of style that the right candidate must "channel".

After her previous stylist left because of "creative clashes", she's searching for an experienced but young fashion designer with fresh ideas ASAP - it could be the ideal move for fashionistas with the travel bug out there.

However, there are some conditions.

The selected candidate will have to source their own material – but don't worry, they will be paid for too.

The lucky fashion fan will get to make "trendy" outfits for both business and social occasions - and might even have to make matching outfits for her two Pomeranians for "a bit of fun".

They'll also have a varied shift pattern, and will sometimes need to work 50 hour weeks but others only 10.

If you think like this dream job could be perfect for you, all you need to do is apply on the Sewport website .

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