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This Woman Fractured Her Husband'S Penis While Trying To Get A Good Deal Online

Hot sex or crazy-cheap online shopping deals? Sometimes it can be hard to choose between the two. And when you’re comparing a little nooky with a one-day-only online sale, the odds are ever in your favor, shopping.

Unfortunately, one woman in China was recently forced to choose between getting laid and Single’s Day, a national holiday held for young people to celebrate being single. Just FYI: Single’s Day also comes with sweet sales, so people are generally down to celebrate by spending lots of money online, single or not.

But back to the woman: She was getting some late-night sexy time with her husband when an alarm in her phone went off, reminding her that it was time to start shopping ASAP.

So what's a girl to do? Well, this one rolled off of her husband’s penis (hey, shoppers gotta shop) and managed to fracture it in the process, reports. Yup, just let that sink in.

Apparently he didn’t realize how bad it was that night (or maybe his white-hot rage from being rejected for online discounts hid the pain) and only went to the hospital later that day when his penis became “purple and swollen.”

Doctors determined that the husband’s Corpora cavernosa (the erectile tissue that makes up the bulk of the penis) had ruptured and performed a quick operation to fix it.

Apparently, he won’t suffer permanent damage—to his penis, at least. We’re not so sure how his ego is faring these days. We just hope that saving $15 on a frying pan was worth it.

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