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Save Big On Fitbit Trackers Today On Amazon

Being active throughout the day, like opting for the stairs over the elevator, has numerous health benefits and helps nail that daily step goal.

Activity trackers such as Fitbit monitor your movement and can motivate you to walk more. If you haven't taken the plunge, now is a great time to start tracking because there’s a big sale Fitbit sale on Amazon. The online retailer has discounted their top models, so you can log workouts, take phone calls, answer texts, and listen to music using one device.

Check out these three Fitbit deals you won't want to miss today.

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Perfect for minimalists, the slim Alta HR tracks all the basics: heart rate, total steps and calories burned throughout the day. 

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This guy does it all: tracks heart rate, details workout information, counts steps, and lets you respond to text messages. Plus, you'll get roughly four days of battery life per charge. 

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Never have your charger handy?   The Charge 3 goes up to a week on one charge without skimping on power. Tailor your settings to track any type of workout:,running, biking, swimming, or yoga, for example. And of course, the device tracks sleep, heart rate and workout details. 

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