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Beyonce Fans Troll Kim Kardashian For Trying To Upstage Singer With Sexy Pics After Coachella

Everyone’s still talking about Beyonce’s Coachella performance, and the BeyHive’s convinced Kim Kardashian’s not happy. See why they’re now roasting her on Twitter!

You’ve heard about Coachella, you’ve heard about Beychella…what about Kimchella? After Beyonce’s historic Coachella performance on April 15 — and even during it! — the BeyHive was abuzz on Twitter, making fun of Kim Kardashian. They think that Kim’s in the middle of scheming up a way to get attention back on her, and not on Beyonce, now that everyone’s talking about Queen Bey. “Every time Beyonce break the internet, Kim k come thru with some nudes,” one person tweeted. “All this talk about Beyoncé we can expect Kim K nudes by dawn #Beychella,” tweeted another. “Kim K fina take nudes in space after this lol”.

Okay, so the consensus is that Kim would allegedly be craving attention so hard that she would post shocking photos on Instagram to get people talking about her. At this point, she has not, but she did post a couple pics of herself wearing skimpy bikinis and showing off ample cleavage. That’s kind of her daily MO, though. Kim hasn’t actually done anything (yet), so why are the Beys convinced? They have a bit of precedent to cite…

Here’s the skinny: if you believe the Hive, Kim has a history of trying to one-up Beyonce. Take Bey giving birth to twins Rumi and Sir Carter. Kim announced she was using a surrogate to have her third child right afterward. This is all up to interpretation, but it will be interesting to see if Kim posts anything wild on Instagram today!


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