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Kim Kardashian Helping Brother Rob Drop Major Pounds With Morning Workout

Just call her Coach Kim! Kim Kardashian has become a champ at getting back into shape, so she brought her little bro Rob Kardashian with her to the gym to help him get back on track!

Rob Kardashian, 27, has been through some personal struggles since 2014, especially with his weight. He and big sis Kim Kardashian, 34, have rekindled their relationship since their fight in July, and now what is Rob’s big sis doing for him? Whipping him into into shape with an early-morning workout, of course! Rise and grind, Rob!

In the early morning hours of Aug. 25, Kim took to Twitter to announce that she was up and ready to kick some butt at the gym. But she wasn’t alone — she tagged Rob in the post! Kim must be doing her big sister duty of making sure Rob gets his act together!

Boy, Kim was awfully chipper to be working out so early! She must have quite the workout plan for herself and Rob! We’re glad to hear someone is encouraging Rob to get in shape again, which will hopefully help him with his recent struggles.

Kim always goes above and beyond for her siblings, and Rob is clearly no exception. But prior to Kim and Rob hitting the gym together, Kim took a major dig at Rob for his unhealthy lifestyle, telling Rolling Stone that he would be skinny if he stopped doing drugs and playing video games all day. As expected, Rob was totally offended by his sister’s comments, and a sibling feud ensued.

About a month after their battle began, Kim tweeted about hiking with her brother on Aug. 14, seemingly announcing that their feud was over. And considering Kim called it the “hardest hike ever,” that could have also been the start of a weight loss journey for her and Rob. Who knows how long the siblings will keep up the workout routine, but it’s amazing to hear that the two are bonding over gym time! 

Are YOU glad to see that Kim and Rob are hitting the gym together, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Kim has what it takes to get Rob back into shape? Tell us below!

— Taylor Weatherby

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