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Lady Gaga Reportedly Dumped Dan Horton For The Most Relatable Reason

Have you ever dated a dude who was too immature for you? Same. And reportedly, Lady Gaga has been there, too. According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly on Oct. 23, Lady Gaga reportedly dumped Dan Horton because he was too immature for her. (Elite Daily reached out to Gaga's rep and Horton for comment and did not hear back in time for publication.)

“Gaga does want to date again,” the insider told Us Weekly. “Dan was not mature enough for her.”

If you're sitting there like, "Wait, I didn't even know Lady Gaga had a boyfriend?" let me give you a little rundown of what was going down between Gaga and Horton.

The two reportedly first met through work, as Horton is a monitor engineer who worked with Gaga in November 2018 ahead of her Las Vegas residency.

But their romantic relationship wasn't known to the public until they were first spotted publicly together on July 28 of this year. They were spotted kissing at brunch in Los Angeles.

“She seemed confident and in a good place,” a diner told People at the time. “They were talking with their faces close and holding hands a little at the table," another source told Us Weekly of their brunch date.

Aside from a few super blurry pics taken by a fan of them looking happy at The Cure and The Pixies concert in Pasadena, California in early September, Gaga and her reported now ex actually kept things pretty low-key since their steamy brunch date. They didn't make any big red carpet appearances together and they weren't spotted playing tonsil hockey at any subsequent brunches.

OK, well, now that she's single maybe we can all go back to hoping that she and Cooper will finally put us all out of our misery and start dating. Or, at the very least, make some more music together.

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