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Test: What Is Your Level Of Soul Development

This test will allow you to find out the level of your spiritual development, i.e. the maturity of your soul. Is she young or already experienced? Just starting to learn this complex world or having come with a special mission to it to change it and give it something that it had never before? Try to find out using this test.

When it seems to you that you are certainly at a higher level, don’t be angry, but count your parents, relatives, brothers, friends, sisters, girlfriends and make sure that the test runs without failures.

The numerological test involves the sequential addition of all the digits of its date of birth: for example, April 6, 1972. = 6 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 2 = 29. Or such an example, October 10, 1976 = 10 + 10 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 6 = 43. Please note that when counting, the number or month of birth is not divided into units and tens. The date or month of birth, consisting of two numbers, must be added in its entirety.

You should get a two-digit number no higher than 59. If the two-digit number is greater than 59, then add it again. A double-digit number is your fate, the influence of hidden forces that come from outside, and the result of what the future will bring to you.


From 1 to 9 The absence of karmic tasks per se (except for gender problems). People of this level do not set any goals, do not require self-development. You can do anything. The only condition: these people must live in harmony with their own conscience.

10 to 19 First level. This means that you should focus on the development of your personality, educate your will, improve your body and spirit. Earthly affairs await you, and high matters are not for you.

From 20 to 29 Level Two. The man who is here must work out earthly karma, relying on his sources, the experience of his ancestors. You should develop your intuition, learn to manage your own subconscious.

From 30 to 39 This is the level of people who can influence the consciousness of others. If you are at the third level of embodiment, then know that your calling in this life is to teach others the philosophical outlook on life, the basics of being. Therefore, you yourself have a lot to learn, then to transfer your knowledge to others.

From 40 to 49 The highest level of consciousness. Intellectual, philosopher, teacher. You should strive to know the highest meaning of being, the foundations of the universe. Your goal in life is to reach a new level of consciousness.

From 50 to 59 A person of the fifth level is an observer, a mediator between the Higher Mind and people. You are a carrier of confidential information. Your goal is self-improvement in solitude. But this does not mean that people belonging to this level are always bright and pure. Very often these are the spoils of fate, who receive all the benefits easier than the rest. Often you can watch how these people cease to monitor themselves, educate themselves, their souls, and fall. They begin to live only by consuming. Of course, in a future life, they will face reckoning and falling to a lower level. This level, obliges to lead a lifestyle that would enrich the soul and ennoble the race.

10 is a lucky number. A sign of honor, self-confidence. This is the rise and take-off. Very favorable for the future.

11 is a complex number. Warns of hidden danger, trials and treason. A person can engage in the occult sciences, but with great care.

12 is a symbol of suffering and anxiety. A person of number 12 may become a victim of intrigue. He should not go on the rampage, enter into all kinds of alliances and organizations opposing anyone.

13 – symbolizes a change in plans, places of stay, warns of danger. The ancients said that one who understands the number 13 receives power and authority. A sign of major changes in life, both positive and negative.

14 – warns a person about the danger from natural disasters: wind, water, fire and air. Along with this, it favors transactions, business, but with a certain risk. If the number 14 falls out when calculating future events, you should be very careful.

15 – people of this number have great temperament in combination with personal magnetism, which they use to achieve their goals. 15 promotes oratory and music. It bodes luck, but sometimes makes people resort to magic in their selfish interests.

16 – the messenger of impending catastrophes or the collapse of plans. This number warns of the evil fate that can befall a person, and that decisions must be made very carefully to avoid fatal tendencies.

17 is a highly spiritual number. Brings the owner happiness, freedom and change in life.

18 – the number of destruction of the spiritual side of the world. People of “eighteen” are cruel – these are family rowdies and despots, brawlers, participants in various sabbaths and antisocial revolutions. In some cases, the number indicates a business, with “black”. This sign is associated with deception and betrayal by others. It also warns of the dangers of water, fire and explosives.

19 – symbolizes the sun. An extremely favorable number that brings happiness, success, respect and recognition.

20 – has a double interpretation. On the one hand, a call to action, the implementation of new plans, but these plans must be truly grandiose. On the other hand, these are obstacles to achieving the goal, which can be overcome by developing the spiritual principle in a person.

21 – symbolizes the universe. This is a number of honor, vitality and success. It means victory after the battle. A very lucky number in terms of future events.

22, 58 – this is the number of a kind, gullible person with a bag of errors behind him. It warns people about delusions, that they live in captivity of their illusions and awaken only in a moment of danger. In relation to the future, the number requires caution in everything.

23, 59 – has a magical effect, portends success, help in business and career. In relation to the future, this is a good sign promising good luck in all endeavors.

6, 24, 33, 42 – a lucky number: success and support in all new affairs, luck in love. In relation to the future, a favorable sign.

25, 34 – the ability to comprehend through personal experience. The number cannot be called lucky. Its owner, at the beginning of his life, is subjected to serious tests due to his character. In relation to the future – a favorable number, because a person, guided by his life experience, will not make the same mistake twice.

26, 35, 44, 53 – warns of mortal danger in the future. Such a person has a keen sense of disaster. Over the years in life, more and more disappointments and deceptions. You need to be as careful as possible.

27, 36, 45, 54 is a good sign. It means that a person receives a reward due to productive thinking, creative work and high intellectual abilities. In relation to the future, the number is favorable.

28, 55 – the sign is very controversial and dual. Man has great abilities. But these are people with half-truths in their minds and with opposition to the law. They tend to go only beaten paths in life. In relation to the future is not quite a favorable number.

29, 38, 47, 56 – means insincerity, deceit, and even betrayal by others. A person will constantly face difficult trials, cheating by friends and the opposite sex. The future – the number carries increased danger.

30, 39, 48, 57 – a sign of mental, intellectual superiority over others. However, such people do not hide their craving for material wealth. This sign is neutral; it does not portend either happiness or unhappiness. It all depends on the desire of the owner.

31, 40, 49 – similar to the previous one, except that these people are self-absorbed, often alone, even in the thick of things. From a material point of view, the number is quite unfortunate.

32, 41, 50 – this sign has the same magical power as 23. A person is in harmonious relationships with a large number of people, but must hide his plans from others – otherwise they will not come true. The sign is good for the future.

37, 46 – a sign of goodness, happy love and friendship. Harmony with the opposite sex and good luck in joint projects. Favorable for the future.

43, 52 is a rather unlucky sign. It symbolizes a revolution, a coup, trials and blows of fate. The future is bad.

51 – a sign of great potential, the nature of a warrior. Assumes an unexpected career. Favorable to the military, sailors, as well as various leaders.

Now you have a certain generalized idea of ​​what is destined for you in life. But do not rush to conclusions. In order to make the picture of the future clearer, much remains to be calculated and deciphered.

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