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Test: Select A Shape And Find Out How Your Brain Works

Figure number 1

You like to think before you speak. You need to be sure that you are saying everything correctly. You do not like to waste time on empty talk. This prevents a lot of misunderstandings in your daily life.

Figure number 2

You are a very brave and courageous person. Even when you think, “I don’t know if I can do it,” you still do it! You contradict yourself in one of the best ways.

Figure number 3

You do not allow anything to absorb you, you are very closed. However, you like consistency, you think consistently and when something happens, you always think about how it will affect you!

Figure number 4

You are positive about everything that happens in your life. When something bad happens, you still find something positive in it. Even worse times can bring something good, and you always remind people about it!

Figure number 5

You always think about the big picture. You are thinking about how to become better. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get where you want, because the place you want to be changes all the time!

Figure number 6

You really don’t think anything. You just go with the flow, letting everything drift away. You never plan something, you just live and let others around you live peacefully!

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