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The Vegan Condom Option You’ve Been Waiting For

The duo behind Sustain Natural is a father and daughter, one of whom has previously dominated in markets with natural products.

While her dad is an equal partner and lends his expertise in building a business, Meika Hollender is fronting the marketing campaign behind Sustain Natural.

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The New York Times feature on the brand explains how Hollender hosted an event at a Ricky’s to speak more on Sustain Natural’s mission and what makes their condoms so different.

“Everyone is thinking about the ingredients in their food and their makeup,” said Hollender in The New York Times. “But no one is thinking about the ingredients that go in the products they put in the most intimate parts of our body.”

Sustain Natural’s condoms are marketed as a brand that is vegan, eco-friendly and free of nitrosamines.

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The condom brand speaks to a growing movement of people who choose vegan, environmentally friendly and chemical-free products even beyond just the food they eat. For instance, other sex brands, like Babeland, have launched lines of products that underscore the cruelty-free aspect.

The condom brand is sold in stores and online.

By Vivian Nunez

Originally published on HelloFlo.

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