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Brody Jenner: Reggie Bush ‘Dodged A Bullet’ By Not Marrying Kim K

Looks like a family feud will be occurring on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ very soon! Brody Jenner attended Kim Kardashian’s ex’s wedding and posed in several pictures with the bride and groom. Brody even told Reggie Bush that it was a good thing that he didn’t marry Kim! Uh oh! That’s not all he had to say — read on for more shocking details.

Former star of The Hills, Brody Jenner, 30, was all smiles when he attended the wedding of Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan on July 12. Kim Kardashian, 33, must be hurt that Brody not only didn’t attend her Italian wedding, but instead went to her ex Reggie’s wedding — what a slap in the face! Brody was very happy for Reggie on his special day — read on to find out what Brody has been saying behind Kim’s back!

Brody Jenner At Reggie Bush’s Wedding: Disses Kim Kardashian, Says Reggie ‘Dodged A Bullet’

Brody attended Reggie and Lilit’s wedding on July 12 — he even brought a plus one, his girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter. If you’ll recall, Brody was not allowed to bring Kaitlynn along to Kim’s wedding!

The former star of The Hills believes that Reggie “dodged a bullet” by not marrying Kim, an insider told Radar Online.

Despite Brody not making it to his own stepsister’s wedding, he and Reggie stayed close throughout his and Kim’s messy breakup. “Brody has been friends with Reggie for years, and wouldn’t have missed his wedding,” Radar’s source revealed. “It’s no secret that Brody and Kim aren’t close.”

Even though Brody was a no-show at Kim’s May 24 wedding, at the time, she understood that Brody couldn’t make it because of work commitments. However, Kim won’t be happy after she hears what Brody was saying about her at Reggie’s wedding!

“Brody chose not to attend because she didn’t invite his girlfriend,” continued the insider. “He only booked a gig to DJ in Chicago after her wedding invitations were sent out.” Wow, Brody, that’s not cool at all.

Brody Jenner Enjoyed Himself At Reggie Bush’s Wedding

If attending her ex’s wedding wasn’t enough on Kim, Brody posted a bunch of fun and sexy pictures to rub it in a little more.

It’s clear that Brody “couldn’t care less” if Kim was insulted by his actions; he posted two pictures on Instagram of himself and his girlfriend enjoying themselves at the wedding! See below:

Hey, HollywoodLifers! What do you think about Brody attending Reggie’s wedding and not Kim’s? Do you think that was a slap in the face? Or is turnabout fair play, considering that Kim wouldn’t let Brody bring Kaitlynn to her wedding? Let us know your thoughts!

— Sammi Errico

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