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Kim Kardashian Vs. Raquel Welch Fur Bikini — Who Wore It Better?

It’s a furkini showdown! Kim channeled ’60s pin-up girl Raquel Welch while stripping down to a fur bikini in a sexy new photo shoot. But who wore it better, HollywoodLifers? Click to cast your vote!

Of course, Kim Kardashian can rock just about anything, which she proved while baring a fur bikini for a photo shoot on Jan. 20. While people are fawning over Kim’s latest fashion statement, let us not forget the original barer of the “furkini” — actress Raquel WelchHollywoodLifers, we want YOU to vote on who wore it better!

Raquel Welch & Kim Kardashian Fur Bikini: Who Wore It Better?

Let’s first start with Raquel. The actress, now 74, originally wore a fur bikini in one of her most iconic roles in Hollywood in the 1966 film, One Million Years B.C. Her look in the film became one of the mot talked about fashion looks of the 1960s, and paved the way for women to wear two piece bathing suits.

Kim, 34, modernized Raquel’s look, by showing off more skin than Raquel. The brunette reality star dressed in the skimpy fur bikini showing off her amazing body, and paired it with huge fur boots. Kim’s daring look was by far one of her sexiest, standing in the snow wearing the tiny suit.

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While we love both of these looks, they are completely different. Raquel’s look was of course, daring for the 1960s and is an iconic fashion staple, but Kim certainly just radiates sex appeal. What do you think?

Kim Kardashian’s Fur Bikini: Kim Rocks ‘Furkini’ By Kanye West In Sexy New Pics

The mastermind behind Kim’s furkini is none other than her hubby, Kanye West! When Kim posted the pics on her Instagram, she was sure to give her loving husband credit where it was due. “Furkini by Kanye West,” she captioned the closeup photo of her baring her chest.

So, HollywoodLifers, it’s time to let us know: Who do YOU think wore the fur bikini better, Kim or Raquel? Vote in our poll and drop a comment below!

— Julianne Ishler

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