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Bride Trolled For Wearing £600 Straw Hat So Big Guests Couldn'T See Her Face

A bride has been ridiculed for wearing a £600 straw hat that was so big her guests couldn't see her face.

Danish actress Emma Leth shunned a traditional veil in favour of the giant Jacquemus statement headwear.

She teamed it with a see-through cream lace dress and lilac underwear when she tied the knot last year.

Pictures of the 28-year-old walking down the aisle have resurfaced and people aren't mincing their words over how they feel about the ensemble.

She said: "We shame a lot of weddings here put on by people who have an epic vision their wallets can’t pull off. So I’d like to shame how awful rich people weddings can be too, Bc money emboldens the ridiculous and there’s no accounting for taste.

"Apologies if this has been on here a million times before....but god. At least wear a slip or I dunno, pretty panties or something under your gorgeous couture lace gown".

She added of the hat: "It’s so obviously absurd... I couldn’t stop laughing at these pictures when I first saw them."

One woman joked: "This is me when leaving the house without sunscreen on."

Another added: "So weird. That would actually be a beautiful dress with a plain white slip underneath and of course, a regular sized hat."

A third commented: "The nude lace dress with the white set is okay. But the hat is definitely overkill. It's just totally 'what the f***'."

And a fourth said: "That hat is a bloody abomination."

They exchanged vows in an laid-back, outdoor ceremony in Paris, attended by close friends and family.

She wrote afterwards: "We got married yesterday and my new name is emma rosenzweig. Thank you for the beautiful @jacquemus hat @birgerchristensen".

And she previously told Vogue: “I think good style is very close to bad style. It has to be very, very close.

“And also, no matter how rich you are, it’s not like you can buy style.”

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