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A Little Girl Who Refused To Take Her Boyfriend Back Is Our New Hero

Dating isn't easy — anyone who's been through a torrid, on-again, off-again cycle will tell you that relationships can be rough. One little girl, however, is refusing to fall into that cycle with her ex-boyfriend.

"My boyfriend, right?" she says. "The one that dumped me? He wants to get back with me and I’m gonna be like, No, no, no!”

A voice off-camera can be heard asking her, "So you told him no and then what happened?"

According to the little girl, her ex attempted to win her back with a beaded bracelet — and she had the perfect response.

"I will take the bracelet but I won’t take you!"

As she's telling her story, her friend also chimes in from time to time to add her own commentary, at one point adding, "Hold up! Hold up! Hold up! Say whaaat?" We can't agree more. A bracelet to smooth over a breakup? As if.

If anything though, this video goes to show that the trials and tribulations of dating are so much easier to go through when you have a BFF to back you up. If you'll excuse us, we'll be bookmarking this video for the next time we're tempted to get back together with an ex we know isn't good for us.

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