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An Official List Of The Most Sexually-Charged Movies Of All Time

You probably don’t decide to watch a movie solely because of its sexy content, unless, you know, it's porn. But, if you just so happen to be in the market for an actual movie with a little bit of bow-chika-wow-wow (V-Day is right around the corner, after all), new research can help you figure out what to rent, stream, or buy.

Online doctor service Dr. Ed (yes, this is as random as it sounds) decided to suss out the most sexually-charged movies in history, and the results are kind of shocking.

For the research, the company analyzed 1,223 movie scripts from the past 90 years and counted how many times cast members mentioned sex or sex-related words like “slept with,” “get laid,” and “hookup.”

As a whole, comedies and rom-coms were the sexiest movie genre. But the most sexual movie of all time was...Shakespeare in Love, which had a whopping 147 sexual mentions. That was followed closely by fellow Shakespeare flick, Anonymous (145 sexual mentions). No wonder your pervy high school English teacher was so obsessed with that guy. 

Here are the top 20 sexual movies of all time (you know, for a friend):

1. Shakespeare in Love

2. Anonymous

3. From Dusk Till Dawn

4. Punch Drunk Love

5. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

6. The Sessions

7. Sex and the City

8. No Strings Attached

9. Body of Proof

10. Sex, Lies, and Videotape

11. Crazy Stupid Love

12. American Pie

13. Cecil B. DeMented

14. High Fidelity

15. Kids

16. Hardcore

17. Easy A

18. Hall Pass

19. Dogma

20. Philadelphia

More steamy movie trivia: The most sexual actor is...Geoffrey Rush (who, FYI, is 64). Rush, who impressively makes an average of 35.6 sexual comments per flick, is followed by Tom Wilkinson, Michael Cera, and Leslie Mann. Mann, from Knocked Up and How to Be Single, is one of just three women that made the top 10—Julianne Moore and Holly Hunter also made the cut.

BTW, Westerns, documentaries, action movies, and thrillers were the least sexually charged, so maybe save those for movie nights with Mom and Dad.

It's time to update that Netflix queue.

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