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These Are The Top 5 Public Places People Have Had Sex

Having sex in public isn't just frowned upon, in most instances public sex is also illegal. But that doesn't mean people don't do it (or that public sex isn't incredibly hot — it most definitely can be).

And new research shows exactly where people are getting it on outside of their homes.

A survey of 2,000 people (1,000 from the US and 1,000 from the UK) from Superdrug Online Doctor found that quite a few people either have had or fantasise about having sex in public.

According to the data, 43.8% of the women who responded to the survey were turned on by the thought of having sex in a public place.

And of those who actually had done the deed somewhere they technically shouldn't have, about 17% had done it in a public park. The park was the #1 spot for both the UK respondents and those from the US.

Other top places were:

At the beach — 13%

In a public bathroom — 9.4%

In a public parking lot or garage — 9.1%

At work — 7%

Yet, there were some differences between continents. People who took the survey from the US were more likely to have sex in a car park than they were at the beach, which honestly might be for the best.

Other honourable mentions from the data include: on a hiking trail, at the movies, in a dressing room, and at a public pool.

We can see how all of these places have appeal. Just please remember, if you plan to have sex with your partner(s) in one of these public places, to be careful that you don't get caught.

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