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Having Trouble Finding A Partner, Study Says You'Re The Problem

Having trouble finding the love of your life at the local? Turns out you're being too pick, reveals study.

According to a survey in the United Kingdom featuring more than 2000 people, 35 per cent of men said they'd not met the right person, women just 29 per cent.

"We should not be alarmed when we see couples of today being choosier than the generation before them. Previous marriage Foundation research has shown women now typically marry in their 30s, men in their mid-30's, says Sir Paul Coleridge, chairman of the Marriage foundation, an organisation that promotes healthy, long-lasting relationships. 

"The good news is that when couples do finally get round to making a solid commitment it is far more likely to last than 20 years ago.

"The essential ingredient for marriage is deciding to make a mutual lifelong commitment and not sliding or drifting into cohabitation with little or no planning. Similarly planning your first baby, as Marriage Foundation research showed last week, also increases your chances of staying together forever."

Struggling to find love? you need to try the 37 per cent rule.

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