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Kim Kardashian Is Afraid She'Ll Lose All Her Fans In Divorce

Kim can’t sleep at night because she thinks that if Kris Humphries reveals all her secrets, her fans will abandon her!

Even though Kim Kardashian has a new boyfriend, she is still worried about her estranged husband Kris Humphries!

A Kardahsian insider reveals to HollywoodLife that Kim is tormented by the fact that Kris might spill all he knows about her!

“Kim is pretending like everything is fine, but behind closed doors she has really bad anxiety and can’t even sleep at night. She is really worried that all of her secrets are going to be exposed and that she will lose all of her fans. She never, ever thought this would happen and feels like she is completely stuck. Even Kris [Jenner] is starting to worry and she always pretty much feels like she is in control,” our source explains.

Outwardly, Kim is going about her life normally — she just stepped out on a date with Kanye West. But it seems like she’s struggling on the inside!

— Reporting by Sandra Clark

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