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According To This Study, 50% Of People Would Give Up Sex For More Closet Space

One of the most shocking findings in what MakeSpace dubbed "The State of Stuff In America," is that nearly 50% of those surveyed said they would give up sex for six months if it meant they could get more closet space. So if you've ever wondered what people value more, sex or money, this survey's results seem to show that it's the latter. Less than 20% of participants say they would take a pay cut for six months as a way to get more closet space.

Since there is no service that rewards people who abstain from sex or ask their bosses for less money with walk-in closets (that we're aware of, anyway), the Americans surveyed have come up with some pretty creative storage solutions. 15.4% of respondents say they use kitchen appliances like ovens and microwaves for storage. Even though it's a little unorthodox, this idea isn't super surprising to us, since even Carrie Bradshaw used her oven for storage. (And she had an amazing closet!)

A more quirky tactic that 15% of people admitted to employing is storing items in the trunks of their car. While that's one we've never heard before, a less shocking finding is that 59% of people said they use the space under their beds to store clothing and other items. This particular storage method worked for us in our college dorm rooms, so why not keep utilizing it? After all, we too live in tiny apartments, and understand the all-too-real struggle of having next to no closet space. Maybe we should also get a car.

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