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The 9 Worst Pickup Lines From The

This week, The Bachelorette kicked off its 11th (!) season. But this time around, producers are mixing things up: There are two bachelorettes (Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson), and the guys will choose which woman gets to stay on past week one. That can only mean one thing (beyond the fact that the producers are even more evil than you thought): twice the awkward entrances and cheesy pickup lines. (Someone needs to tell these guys there’s a difference between memorable and cringe-worthy.) Here, the worst lines the guys used tonight, ranked from eye roll-inducing to completely WTF.

9. Showing up in a cupcake or hot tub car. Okay, this may not technically be a pickup line, but both happened. Nashville-based dentist, Chris, arrived in the (literally) sweet ride below, while Shawn E., an “amateur sex coach,” drove up in a car full of water. They both earned points for originality with the bachelorettes.

8. “You have to do a hit of helium with me.” This gem came from Justin, a fitness trainer who strolled up with a bouquet of balloons for Kaitlyn (she graciously accepted them). Is this the Bachelorette mansion or a middle school dance? 


7. “It’s hot in here. Do you want to go outside?” The LA-based executive recruiter, Ian, asked Kaitlyn this. And though he might not have been as smooth as Nelly, she fell for it.

6. “Knock, knock.” Do knock-knock jokes ever really work? Not usually, but Kaitlyn liked this one about an interrupting cow from realtor Ryan B. during the cocktail party.


5. “Hi, Disney Princess.” Ryan B. initially coo-ed to Britt (yup, there was a lot of playing to both women going on). The sad thing? She ate it right up.

4. “My alter ego is the LoveMan.” Jared, a restaurant manager, then went on to unbutton his shirt and reveal a tee with an “L” across it. The ladies seemed relatively unphased as he 'fessed up to having split personalities.

3. “I would love to puck you.” Way to keep it classy, bro. Lucky for contestant JJ, a former investment banker, Kaitlyn seems to share his raunchy sense of humor.

2. “I believe in love, the real kind of love.” Tony, the “healer,” used this same line on both Kaitlyn and Britt—as they stood a few feet apart from each other and heard every word.


1. “Honeys, I’m home.” Good one, Ryan M., the junkyard specialist. No one said you were moving into the mansion—and after a line like that, your odds are looking slim. 

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