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'Why I Love My High Sex Drive'

Long before I had sex, I was very aware of my drive.

In my teens, I found some sex-toy blogs, bought my first vibrator, and got into the idea that anything that feels good to you and doesn't harm anyone else is fine. (Are you in the market for a new vibrator? Try JimmyJane's Form 6 Waterproof Rechargeable Vibrating Massager from the Women's Health Boutique.) 

When I did have sex with a partner, I knew so much about what felt right to me that it was seamless. I knew to say, "Touch me here," or simply, "This isn't working, I'm going to finish myself off."

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For me, a 'high sex drive' is not about how often I have sex—it's partly about being open to different things. It can depend on my partner and the relationship, or on whether I'm craving something vanilla or more BDSM.

Ultimately, I feel it's my responsibility to get myself off, with a partner or by myself, watching porn or using a toy. It's liberating, fun, and a part of myself I love.

For more sex advice, check out the March 2017 issue of Women's Health on newsstands now.

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