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Kanye West Thinking About Buying Kim Kardashian A Boat

Kanye continues to spoil Kim rotten! A source clos tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that he may buy her a boat! Read on for more details!

Kanye West likes to show Kim Kardashian how much he loves her by showering her with gifts.

And a source close to Kanye tells EXCLUSIVELY that he’s thinking about buying Kim a big boat!

“Kanye’s thinking about buying Kim a private boat,” a source tells us. “He’s thinking about buying a little boat for his princess. It won’t be a mega yacht or something over-the-top, but it will be something for both of them.”

With rumors swirling that Kanye is going to propose, our source says this likely won’t happen until Kim is officially divorced from Kris Humphries.

“He’s not moving a finger though, not until she’s divorced,” a source tells us.

Hmm! But perhaps Kanye is thinking about proposing on the boat!?

What do YOU think,, HollywoodLifers? Weigh in below!
— Reporting by Eric Mitchell
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