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Mum Horrified To Discover What'S Inside Bizarre 'Pods' She Found In Her Garden

If you've ever seen the 1956 film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, then you'll know you should be vary wary of bizarre 'pods'.

And one woman was certainly left wondering whether she was in a sci-fi movie after spotting some "sinister" looking pods hanging from her neighbour's tree.

She claims the pods are currently dangling over into her garden and are quite close to her children's trampoline, reports

Concerned about what might be inside the bizarre things, she decided to ask the internet for help with identifying the large sacs.

"Wondering if it's something a little sinister."

She added that the pods appeared to have spider webs around them, then shared a series of photographs to give people a better idea of what she was dealing with.

And to her horror she was then told that the so-called 'pods' were probably filled with around 600 baby spiders each.

Locals from the Sydney area began suggesting that the sacs could be the work of magnificent spiders or bolas spiders.

One woman said the spiders were "super cool" and would "parachute down with little parachute webs" when the eggs hatch.

But this did little to appease the mum, who wasn't impressed with the thought of spiders coming down onto the trampoline.

Despite the disturbing situation, the spiders should pose no threat to the woman according to the Australian Plants Society NSW.

They said that magnificent spiders "pose no threat to humans" and revealed that the "spindle-shaped egg sacs" take several nights to construct.

Baby spiders will emerge from the sacs in late winter, before they are "carried away by the wind".

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