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Airline Staff Find Woman'S Plan To Confess Love To Best Friend On Sick Bag

A woman who was nervous about confessing her love to her best friend, wrote her plan to reveal her feelings on an aeroplane sick bag.

While flying from Miami to Washington D.C, the woman identified only as "Andrea" used the sick bag as a way to vent her feelings.

Airline staff discovered the wild story last year and recently shared a picture of the bag to Reddit - where everyone is desperate to know what happened next.

Andrea wrote that she is a a 21-year-old student moving to Australia for five months.

She had four days before she left her hometown in D.C where her crush was also stopping by - where she planned to confess her feelings.

She continued: "Bold move right? I don't really know what I'm going to say but I'm going to just wing it.

"Why not? I’m leaving so who cares? Wish me luck, whoever you are. Yeah, I'm lame for writing this on a barf bag but I'm bored, my wifi doesn’t work and I'm nervous as f*ck so this is me venting.

She added: "The enormous Starbucks pumped with caffeine probably isn't helping either. Anyway hope this has made your flight a little less boring.

"Do me a favour and do something crazy today like I am. Good luck whoever you are".

The post has over 1,000 comments from people desperate to know what happens next.

The air hostess who found the confession and posted it to Reddit even wished Andrea well, writing: "Wherever you are, I hope it went well for you."

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