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Mums Admit Gross Things They Craved During Pregnancy - Including Toilet Cleaner

We all know that pregnancy hormones can really mess with a woman's body.

From shifting their sex drive up a notch (or six) to making them burst into tears for absolutely no reason.

But one other thing pregnancy has an impact on is a woman's food and drink cravings and it's fair to say pregnant women often want to eat some very, very bizarre things.

This has been highlighted by more than 100 mums online who have been sharing the grossest things they craved while expecting their babies.

In a post on Mumsnet, one woman kicked off the discussion by admitting that she's 35 weeks pregnant and all she wants to eat is chalk.

She wrote: "I am 35 weeks today with my second boy and I have the urge to eat chalk!! Crunchy chalk! I've tried to crunch on other things, like ice, nuts, apples, but nope, always comes back to wanting chalk. What can I do?

"I also get the urge to smell cleaning products, what is wrong with me?"

Her fellow mums were quick to sympathise and reveal their own cravings.

A different user said: "Balloons! I started craving them before I knew I was pregnant. I never had them. It was what made me take a test."

Someone else admitted they wanted to eat "bath sponges" soaked in warm Radox Stress Relief bubble bath.

A third said they'd wanted to drink "fabric softener, washing up liquid and other cleaning products".

"Strange one, but I loved the smell of cheap shoe shops," revealed another mum. "You know that plasticky rubber smell.

"I used to go into the shop every day on my lunch and pretend I was looking at the shoes, but it was really to take in the smells."

And it gets weirder.

One mum's pregnancy kryptonite was citrus scented toilet cleaner, which she describes as "heavenly".

Others said they were desperate to "lick rocks" and taste "freshly laid cement".

Let's hope they didn't give in to these urges!

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